TIN Chemicals

PVC Heat Stabilizers

Heat stabilizer is an essential additive in the processing of PVC, which can effectively increase the degradation temperature of PVC and realize the processing and molding of the products. TMG Chemicals provides customers with a wide range of organotin heat stabilizers, including laurate,maleate,mertaptide and eco- friendly zinc heat stabilizers. They can be widely used in PVC pipe, sheet, profile and other industries, and also can be used in CPVC industry.

Trade Name
Chemical Name
Dibutyltin dilaurate
Dibutyltin maleate
Methyltin maleate
Octyltin mercaptide
Dibutyltin bis(isooctylmaleate)
Butyltin mercaptide
Methyltin mercaptide
di-n-butyltin monobutyl maleate
Dioctyltin maleate