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RTV催化劑 RTV Catalysts

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber(RTV)is a new type of silicone elastomer which came out in the 1960s. Its most prominent feature is that it can be cured in place at room temperature without heating and pressure and it is extremely convenient to use. RTV can be divided into three types according to its composition, curing mechanism and application process:1K RTV silicone rubber, 2K condensation-type RTV silicone rubber and 2K addition-type RTV silicone rubber. The largest consumer area of RTV silicone rubber is the construction industry, and the other major application area is the automotive industry. In addition, in electronic power, renewable energy and other manufacturing, RTV silicone rubber is widely used in packaging, adhesive and other fields.

Trade Name
Chemical Name
Dioctyltin dilaurate
Dibutyltin dilaurate
Dimethyltin dilaurate
Lauryl stannoxane
Dibutyltin bis(acetylacetonate)
Dibutyltin diacetate
Dioctyltin dicarboxylate