Paint & Coating Chemicals

Electrophoretic Paint

Electrophoretic paint, also known as electrophoretic coating, is a technology that uses electrophoresis to deposit coating particles on the surface of the coated material. Electrophoretic paint is gradually replacing traditional paint spraying due to its excellent quality and highly environmentally friendly characteristics. Electrophoretic paint is mainly divided into cathodic electrophoretic paint and anodic electrophoretic paint.Electrophoretic paint is mainly composed of resin, crosslinking agent, solvent, auxiliary agent, pigment filler, and catalyst. Electrophoretic paint catalysts mainly include tin, lead, and bismuth compounds, which can reduce the baking temperature and promote the curing of the paint film.

Trade Name
Chemical Name
Dimethyltin oxide
Dioctyltin oxide
Dibutyltin oxide
Bismuth neodecanoate
Bismuth citrate
Bismuth subsalicylate
Bismuth trioxide